We specialize in auto lamp, auto mirror, auto parts and auto accessories. We have 15 years of experience exporting.

    We have strong design capabilities. Our research and development expertise is unmatched, especially in the field of auto lamps and engine parts. Our R&D staff develop new products and improve on existing ones to meet market demands. We also research to decrease production costs and increase our capacity.

       With 14 years of OEM experience, our factories meet the needs of our USA and EUROPE OEM clients without fail. We are able to develop new products in just one week according to your samples. Our capacity is more than one million units a month.

         In compliance with the ISO /TS 16949 quality management guideline, Our factories have earned the TUV seal of approval and implement AQL quality testing on all of our goods, so you can rest assured when you order from us. We aim to be your long-term business partner.
         View our latest products and  contact us today. Your inquiries will be answered in 24 hours or less.

Our Products

      All categories - 3656products

Auto lamps-980 products

Auto Body Parts-580 products

Soft Wiper Blades 28 products

Auto bulbs- 60products




Automotive lamps
Automotive Body parts
Automotive Mirror
Soft Wiper Blades
Engine parts EGR valves

Car engine parts - 80 products

Car water pumps-118 products

Clutch covers/disks - 100 products

Car suspension parts-2 products

Car C.V joint-80products

Shock absorber- 220 products

Car horns-18 products

Brake pads/shoes - 1000 products

Wheels-190 products


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